Welcome to DNK Designs – an experimental 3D Interior Design Service


 DNK Designs is an independent professional room planning and CAD service offering flexibility, freedom to experiment and virtually unlimited design options.

 We produce photorealistic 3D designs that can be personalised with colours, patterns, textures and bespoke items of your choice allowing you to experiment with many different styles and layouts. The finished design is then yours to keep and along with the detailed plan can easily be used to obtain a quote from any supplier.

 Contact us on 07445 750750 to find out more. We offer a Free site visit and design consultation, discounts on multiple room designs and have special offers for trade customers and architects, please call or email info@dnkdesigns.co.uk for more information.

 The main problem with Interior Design is confusing designs that look great (like the enhanced-in-post-production photos in magazines) with designs that actually work well in Your room, meet Your needs and suit Your lifestyle. It’s a simple mistake, but it can have grave consequences: if the design doesn’t work for you, you won’t even care how it looks, after all. Let’s face it, not many properties can boast large and perfectly shaped rooms with symmetrically positioned doors and windows. Even if you decide to improve your property it usually starts with a monochrome architect’s drawing that is so far from the end result you wouldn’t know where to begin.

 At DNK Designs we aim to produce designs that both work well and look great. Our ethos is simple: less fancy interior design, more functional room planning. We believe the end result is not always about the product or the cost but rather about the quality of the design and the installation.

 At DNK Designs we work with real spaces, however big, small or awkward they may be. We tailor our designs to meet your needs and wishes. We work with you every step of the way and and think through every single aspect of the design where unnecessary steps and dead-ends get noticed and fixed quickly. All these small details add up to better usability and function of the room.